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Our Founders

Embarking on an extraordinary path, Terry’s childhood dream revolved around a haven—a place brimming with love, friendship, and beauty. Her home, although warm with companionship, lacked the artistic splendor her heart craved. Armed with an unrestrained imagination and an empty canvas, Terry set out to transform her surroundings.

Today, that canvas is adorned with a tapestry of cherished memories and exquisite creations. It is a testament to the ceaseless evolution of her imagination, where every stroke and color resonate with life.

As a new chapter unfolds, Terry’s universe welcomes all who have woven threads of joy and vitality into her existence. A desire to share and inspire pulsates through her being, as the very visitors she encounters were once the catalysts of her own inspiration.

Join us on this remarkable journey at our artistic abode, where the fusion of life and art breathes new life into our community. Let us ignite your passion and kindle the flames of creativity within, as together we celebrate the tapestry of existence through art’s transformative power.

Terry Fowler


I’ve always had a creative side with a passion for an inviting home. Filled with beautiful fabric, decorative items and memories in memorabilia. With this new chapter I’m honored to be working with my Art Teacher, Kim Hill, who has taught me and further inspired my love for painting

Eddie Fowler


My love for traveling and being surrounded by beauty has been inspired by visiting places around the world, while working for Silicon Valley. I’m so excited for this new venture of life and most excited about our new story The Purple Finch Collection.

Our Team

About our Team

Doye Carroll

Store manager

I’ve worked with Terry since 2006. I share her love of art and design. Being in the store inspires my own creativity. Please come visit me and let’s find something you need.

Ginger O’Quinn

Sales associate

I’ve been in retail clothing for 42 years. I love art and design almost more than clothing – This is the job I have always wanted. Come see me.

Diane Maxey

Commissioned artist

Tyler Raised I married a Airmen and traveled the world, but my Heart was always back home. Now with over 30 years of fashion retail experience. I’m home to help decorate your home.

Kim Hill

Commissioned artist

I was born and raised in rural New England and began studying with Sidney F. Willis, a Boston School artist, at 16. This experience set in stone my desire to pursue and develop a lifetime love of painting.

Working with oil, pastel, acrylic and graphite. My work has been shown at the Dutch Art Gallery, Dallas, TX, the R.S. Hanna Gallery, Fredericksburg, TX, and The Frame Up, Tyler, TX. This past year Kim’s work was shown in Oil Painters of America national competition, as well as the American Women Artists national competition.