The Most Prestigious Home Art Decor Collection.

Barboglio Collection

Inspired by the heart and soul of Barboglio family ranch.
Using the patina to emulate smooth surface of rough-ridden leather,
with mixed materials to bring the spirit of hacienda lifestyle and the spirit of
Old Mexico.

With a unique and signature use of old wood, iron, crystal and stone, mixed with silver and etched glass, it makes each piece instantly recognizable as Barboglio.

William Yeoward Crystal

Started in 1995, a collaboration between Timothy Jenkins and William Yeoward.
They shared a passion for the crystals of the 18th and 19th centuries. Both
shared in the hope that they could once again be created and preserved for
the future.

They worked together to create a new collection of Georgian inspired with modern techniques to create a new timeless collection of handmade crystal collection.

POMELO CASA Collection

Each piece handmade in southern Spain by family operated workshop using
traditional techniques used for over five centuries. These ceramic pieces are a homage
to family life in Spain. It uses the same techniques and ancient Lebrillo motifs
that date back to the 16th century.

Each piece is unique as it’s handcrafted and baked at 960 degrees centigrade for over four hours.
Also hand-painted with each piece having hundreds of unique brushstrokes to make every piece special and handmade for you.

Terry Fowler Art Collection

Discover the Essence of Life in Artistic Home Decor Collections.

Since childhood, Terry has been captivated by the beauty of life, seeking to create a warm and inviting home adorned with art that celebrates cherished moments with loved ones. Each carefully curated piece within our collection embodies the essence of joy and vitality that has enriched Terry’s life.

Visit The Purple Finch today to witness Terry’s remarkable collection firsthand and infuse your home with the vibrant spirit of life.

Kim Hill Art Collection

Kim Hill was born and raised in rural New England. She began studying with Sidney F. Willis, a Boston School artist, at age 16. This experience set in stone her desire to pursue and develop her lifetime love of painting.

Kim is equally gifted in working with oil, pastel, acrylic and graphite. Her work is shown at the Dutch Art Gallery, Dallas, TX, the R.S. Hanna Gallery, Fredericksburg, TX, and The Frame Up, Tyler, TX. This past year Kim’s work was shown in Oil Painters of America national competition, as well as the American Women Artists national competition.